About us

Myknitt is born in December 2010.

We love dogs.
Our passion and creativity leads us to come out with handmade crochet dog clothes.
We specialize in making hand crochet dog clothes and dog sweaters.
Since December 2010, We proudly have 80 designs from our best talented designer.

6 Selling Points. Why Should People Choose to Buy Our Products?

1. Handmade
We guarantee that our products are 100% handmade, giving its own uniqueness.
As we know the development of contemporary fashion leads to something more unique and personal.

2. Custom Made
In Order to meet the markets that have a variety of demand, we also accept a custom made dog clothes without any minimum quantity of orders.
Consumers can easily make dog clothes that will meet their demands.

3. Fashionable and more varied style
As we know hand crochet products result in much various styles of stitches compared to those made by machine.
The mixing of the colored yarn can also found to be more attractive.
Fresh and new ideas of hand crochet dog clothes is to be issued every week.

4.100% cotton material
This handmade dog clothes is made from 100$ cotton
It is now known that cotton is a raw material which is very comfortable when worn.
Our material is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

5. Product Quality
This handmade dog clothes are made by expertise and only using the best quality material of cotton yarn.
Customer's satisfaction is guaranteed to be fulfilled

6. Precious Hereditary Legacy
Crocheting has been a tradition that has been passed down through my family generations.
Therefore, with hope of retaining and developing this traditions, talents, and creativity, we are interested to provides unique designs on our dog clothes, dog clothing, and dog sweaters.

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