A little Story About Myknitt

Me and my moms are truly a pet lovers. Now, we have 22 chihuahuas, 1 poodle and 1 samoyed as part of our family . They came to us from everywhere with various reasons. Some of them came from shelters, some of them given to us as they are not longer wanted, and I even founded my poodle at street after nearly died abused and doused by boiling water.

The idea to establish Myknitt Dog Clothes brand starts from our four legged furbabies. Our chihuahuas are easily get sicked when the weather changed. Since we live at Indonesia where rains a lot, they always need something to wear to make them feel warm and comfortable.
With the crochet skill that is a timeless tradition from our great great grandmother, Me and my mom loves to design and make something cute and special for them to wear. We designed and hand crochet dog clothes using very high quality material to make them feel warm and comfortable.
Then after a while, so many friends and family impressed with our hand crocheted dog clothing.
They started to ask me and my mom doing some designs and custom size for their puppies and chihuahuas. Words, pictures spreads everywhere especially through social media. Many customers comes from local and international.
Then it gives us strong encouragement to make Myknitt as our dog clothing brand. It officially started at December 2010 as our first item listed at our Etsy Store.

Our first employees was a family friend who had to quit her schooling due to lack of money to pay her tuition fees. We helped by hiring her and immediately teaching our timeless tradition of crochet skills.
In this life, we always believe that the best feeling in life is when we can help others and give something for society.
Now, we have 4 high quality trained employees. We teach them our hereditary crochet skills and entrepreneurship to be a hand crafter.

Our hopes with all of these dog clothes and pet accessories, people can share love and warm not even for human but also for animals. And by continue working on these clothes, Me and my mom will always teach and sharing our skills and knowledge to the society.
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